Our curated approach to travel gives the discerning individual a deeply meaningful experience through immersive, culturally vivid itineraries that transform the way we connect with the world, and by extension, with ourselves.

The value of Naya Traveler is firmly rooted in our first-hand experience and intimate knowledge of the regions we offer. We work with an exceptional group of locals garnered from our own personal relationships, ranging from traditional artists and literary authors to ethnographers, who will guide you through the threads of a region’s rich cultural tapestry.

We believe that the stories and connections that emerge from traveling with naya (purpose) are just as important as the tangibles. All of our itineraries are crafted around the interests and motivations of our travelers, and no two are the same. Our uncompromising attention to detail is reflected in every step of the process, from research and planning to seamless logistics on the ground, in order to ensure a thrilling, memorable experience that will awaken the senses, enrich the mind, and feed the soul. 




Every itinerary is made from scratch, tailored to the traveler's interests and preferences. Depending on your needs, Naya Traveler experts provide educated advice. We then give your trip structure and take care of all hair-splitting, logistical details before, during and after the journey. During the trip, we remain present behind the scenes, providing 24-hour assistance. 




Our team is composed of travel experts with years of experience, whether behind the itinerary building process or on the ground with our travelers. With extensive knowledge, logistical expertise and first-hand understanding, we are seasoned specialists with an appetite for unique, seamless travel that guarantees an extraordinary journey.




We take pride in the thriving network of insider contacts we've developed in our destinations. Beyond local guides, our trips are guided by field expert personalities who add a layer of value and perspective to the travel experience; from traditional artists to community leaders and local families opening their homes, our people are what make the Naya Traveler experience exceptionally authentic. 




Our reverence to culture comes hand-in-hand with our commitment to preserve its form and integrity. Every experience we create takes into account the impact it has on local communities and lifestyles, in order to ensure that it remains positive and minimal. We take conscious measures to preserve the sacred forms of the traditions we seek to explore. 

Naya Contour Map x4.png
Naya Contour Map x4.png