Arts & Ateliers



Arts & Ateliers

Discover the rich landscape of traditional arts and ancient crafts on an intimate journey through artists’ practices and ateliers. Unveil the tales and history of a destination threaded into the lyrics of music, garment textiles, and intricate weaving patterns. Deepen your practice of a discipline through one-on-one lessons with master craftsmen. Get involved with local workshop communities and participate in unique artistic circles that encourage the sustainability of the world’s forgotten arts.





Moorish mosaics and patterns are the ultimate expression of art and spirituality coming together in the Islamic world. Delve into the world of Islamic art and architecture with experts in the ancient palaces and universities of Morocco.


South India

Delve into a millennia of art and tradition through hands- on workshops and immersive experiences through Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


kashmir & ladakh

Kashmir has a lot to thank the Ancient Silk Road for, and pashmina weaving, papier-mâché and woodcarving are only some of the most delicate and beautiful crafts that remain untarnished by modernity.



Peru’s sacred valley is a rich and fertile land still inhabited by the indigenous Qechua people, who have been specializing in textile making since before the Spanish colonization. Their garments are a statement of identity and history, filled with ancient craft methods and stories weaved into the patterns.



We value the knowledge and passion that people have of their own cultures. They are the fabric that holds a country’s heritage and customs together. That is why each journey allows for a special space where travelers can truly connect and learn from the wisdom of locals.


We believe that being true to a country’s culture is our duty as conscious travelers. Naya Traveler takes you beyond the ordinary tourist route and uses personal contacts as well as insider expertise to ensure that your experiences are as true to tradition and as authentic as they can be.


The ultimate goal of travel is to enrich the mind and feed the soul. A traveler develops a new way of viewing the world’s diversity by exploring a different culture. Our hand-crafted itineraries, filled with unique personalities and unmatched experiences ensure this transformation.

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Speciality trips are entirely tailor-made and can be arranged in private or with like-minded individuals in small groups.