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Culinary Journeys

Dish by Dish

The culinary arts hold a central role in the customs and culture of a place. Explore a destination through its aromas, spices and unique flavors as you learn about culinary traditions, origins and making of local dishes from expert connoisseurs and chefs. Stroll through food markets, discover local produce and engage in the preparation of flavor-filled dishes in kitchens, homes, or the wild outdoors.





Explore the ancient ingredients of the Incas, visit farms in the Sacred Valley and practice cooking these delicious dishes with an avant-garde twist. Delve into the fusion gastronomy of the pacific coast, and see how history has influenced Peruvian Nikkei cuisine.


south India

From Dosas to Idli, unveil the lesser known flavors of India in Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Prepare meals with host families for an authentic experience filled with the fragrant coconut taste of the Indian Subcontinent.



In a country that produces some of the world’s best wine and steak, journey through its northern and southern-most regions with celebrated chefs and join locals in their love for food, a central element of Argentine culture.



Ethiopian coffee is world-renown, but this country has recently begun to undergo a culinary awakening. Discover the beauty of Ethiopia’s coffee route, along with the eclectic flavors of this East-African cuisine, such as injera, tibbs and shiro, to the sound of traditional music and Ethiopian Jazz in Addis.



We value the knowledge and passion that people have of their own cultures. They are the fabric that holds a country’s heritage and customs together. That is why each journey allows for a special space where travelers can truly connect and learn from the wisdom of locals.


We believe that being true to a country’s culture is our duty as conscious travelers. Naya Traveler takes you beyond the ordinary tourist route and uses personal contacts as well as insider expertise to ensure that your experiences are as true to tradition and as authentic as they can be.


The ultimate goal of travel is to enrich the mind and feed the soul. A traveler develops a new way of viewing the world’s diversity by exploring a different culture. Our hand-crafted itineraries, filled with unique personalities and unmatched experiences ensure this transformation.

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Speciality trips are entirely tailor-made and can be arranged in private or with like-minded individuals in small groups.