A delicate balance between East and West with ancient traditions and modern-day conveniences; a spiritually uplifting culture grounded by gracious hospitality and compelling customs.

Today, the kingdom is the oldest reigning monarchy in the world. Its people’s fervent practice of age-old tradition and faith has allowed Morocco to retain its unique character, grounded with a deeply spiritual attitude, which is consistently present in the very substance of the country’s arts and customs. Morocco’s Western edge that sets it apart from other North African countries stems from decades of French occupation.

With its strategic location in North Africa, Morocco stretches across fertile valleys, snowcapped mountains, two extensive coastlines and an immense desert. Every region harbors a distinct local culture, tied to a distant past that shapes Morocco’s distinguished personality of the Muslim World. Over thousands of years, Berber tribes, Roman legions, Arab conquests, and European colonists have contributed to the formation of its heritage, and have left their mark on its history and cities.




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