Savant Endeavours

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Scholar Journeys


Travel with a scholar to deepen your knowledge of a particular field, from history to architecture and everything in between, through spirited conversations and lectures, dynamic workshops, and intimate learning experiences led by leading academics. Meet with experts and community leaders at different stages of your trip to delve into the depths of your field of interest, gaining an insider perspective and expert understanding.




Kashmir & Ladakh

Discover this historic and political complexities of this beautiful region delving into its religious and cultural history, and meet with local scholars and professors to understand the multi-layered heritage of Kashmir.



Trace the Moorish invasion of Southern Spain at the seat of the empire in Morocco, visit the imperial cities and palaces, and discover the essence of Morocco’s identity.



Trace the anthropological beginnings of mankind in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley guided by the leading figures involved in research findings, and discover the original remnants of Orthodox Christianity such as Queen of Sheba’s Palace or the Ark of the Covenant.



Journey through the ancient architectural legacy of the Khmer Empire as well as lesser known sites with an expert archaeologist to uncover the secrets and wealth of wisdom that this civilization left behind.



We value the knowledge and passion that people have of their own cultures. They are the fabric that holds a country’s heritage and customs together. That is why each journey allows for a special space where travelers can truly connect and learn from the wisdom of locals.


We believe that being true to a country’s culture is our duty as conscious travelers. Naya Traveler takes you beyond the ordinary tourist route and uses personal contacts as well as insider expertise to ensure that your experiences are as true to tradition and as authentic as they can be.


The ultimate goal of travel is to enrich the mind and feed the soul. A traveler develops a new way of viewing the world’s diversity by exploring a different culture. Our hand-crafted itineraries, filled with unique personalities and unmatched experiences ensure this transformation.

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Speciality trips are entirely tailor-made and can be arranged in private or with like-minded individuals in small groups.